Sunday Phoday


We often get asked by our guests what we eat for our family meals or what we eat besides the food on our menu. And we always say Pho is our #1 favorite. It’s a real treat when Mama decides she’s going to make it since it is a long painstaking process with days of advanced preparation. The smell of a rich beef and chicken stock with fire roasted ginger and onions, star anise and Saigon cinnamon is overwhelming. Some of our locals have had the opportunity of trying it and they are hungry for more. We are now happy to share our family meal with you every Sunday.


Come join us every Sunday for Mama’s Pho made with house made meatballs, fresh rice noodles, and flank steak seared with a 14 hour pho broth topped with fresh herbs, lime wedge, siracha and hoisin sauce. You can’t smack Mama but you can smack your friend so good.